On Wednesday 17th November we were very pleased to be joined by a gathering of art appreciation aficionados in the form of members of the Arts Society Wolverhampton. The Art Society had taken up an invitation to hear the Wolverhampton Society of Artists President, Keith Oram, provide his reviews of just some of the work included in our Exhibition currently on display at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

The Exhibition is composed of a selection of work created by members of the Wolverhampton Society of Artists in which the theme was to consider the impact of lockdowns and coming through what seemed like a long, dark tunnel back into the light.

Keith talked about a number of individual works as well as celebrating the winning aspects of the pieces chosen for the Elsie Holland Prize and the Felix Award.

The WSA Exhibition runs until 5th December 2021 and is well worth a visit.

You can discover more information about the Arts Society of Wolverhampton by clicking on the link below.