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The Wolverhampton Society of Artists committee is a group of members that are ultimately responsible for the management and leadership of the Society; the work undertaken by the Committee is crucial for the smooth running of the Society. The Committee decides on the programme of events, handles the Society’s finances, correspondence and publicity, organises exhibitions, open studios, workshops and trips and decides on membership applications.

Being a part of the Wolverhampton Society of Artists committee is both enjoyable and rewarding. The committee meets regularly each month to be able to fulfil its responsibilities to the membership. In May each year the Committee reports to the members at the AGM. The AGM is an opportunity for the members to learn more about the finances and management of the Society although members are welcome to attend committee meetings should they wish to.

The Wolverhampton Society of Artists Committee consists of both officers (committee members with a specific role) and general members. For more information about the various roles on our committee please see below.

If you would be interested in joining the committee please email us at [email protected]

Committee Roles


The Chair is central to Society events and facilitates the flow of business and discussion at meetings; ensures that the will of committee, and at the AGM, the will of members is implemented.  The Chair and the President represent the public face of the Society.


The Vice Chair’s role is to support the committee and prepare to assume the role of Chair.


The primary role of the President is as a figurehead and public face of the Society at official events, and a source of information, ideas and inspiration at meetings.


The Secretary records the activities of the Society and collates information for meetings, produces agenda and records the minutes.  The role is also to assist the Chair to interpret the constitution, and ensure the decisions of the committee and the membership are carried out.

Along with the Chair the Secretary is a voice for the Society and a point of contact for the community.  Most important, is to keep members informed of Society news, events and the successes of individual members.


The Treasurer collects subscriptions, records details of current members and liaises with the Membership Secretary to maintain accurate lists of paid up members.  The control of cash flow for Society activities is dealt with by the Treasurer who monitors spending and at year end produces audited accounts.


The Membership Secretary is the first point of contact for applicants to the Society.  Their application received either online or by post is then channelled to the committee for discussion.  The decision of the committee is relayed to the applicant by the Membership Secretary who also forwards a “new member’s pack” to successful applicants, on the Treasurer’s receipt of subscription.


The Exhibition Secretary, together with committee nominees, liaises with Wolverhampton Art Gallery, or any other agent, to negotiate the mounting of exhibitions.  In accordance with the constitution and committee protocols the Exhibition Secretary circulates, collects and collates exhibition paperwork; organises handing in procedures, provides support for the selection panel, and the collection of unselected work, and unsold work at the close of exhibitions and arranges activities and workshops during the exhibition.


The Programme Secretary formulates a programme of events for the year, booking, venues, speakers and artists for presentations and workshops. To ensure the smooth running of events the Programme Secretary liaises with venue managers, arranges speaker fees and deals with any other requirements.


Other members of the committee cover the following Society needs:

  • Publicity/Marketing liaises with press and other agencies to publicise Society activities.
  • Website administrator monitors the website making sure it is up to date and relevant to the needs of the society.
  • Organises monthly life drawing sessions.
  • Organises Schedule of Summer Painting days
  • Administration of Open Studio event