The Society’s critique night 15/1/2020 was arguably the best yet. Not only because of the high quality of the numerous works brought along by members, nor because of the diversity of styles and techniques mastered by them; it was also the interaction amongst members of the audience and the host Keith Oram. Knowledgeable and constructive criticism from varying viewpoints were freely aired. These meshed together to form a coherent evening enjoyed by every person present.

Each piece was assessed in its own right, but inevitably more general topics surfaced. The potential disadvantages of working from photographs, the relevance of copyright, and to ensure nobody agreed with anyone else – which frame to use on 2D work!

The only enemy in the room was time. With so many pieces brought in for the two hour session, each piece could only be afforded a few minutes focus, but it worked. It was impossible for anyone to leave that room without having new facts, considerations and questions embedded in their brain.