For our first Saturday Demonstration in the  Exhibition Programme we welcomed Ed Isaacs and Chris Manley to shine a light on their respective topics.


In his ‘Sketching interiors – Mastering Perspective’ demonstration Ed Issacs gave us a detailed explanation of how he creates his marvellously accurate and fluid drawings. As he sized up the room with a horizontal pencil we were mesmerised as we followed the line of perspective to its vanishing point.

On Chris Manley’s ‘Sculpting in Clay’ table we saw a delightful collection of animals in various poses and learned how important the early sketches can be and the benefit of studying reference books on anatomy which provided vital information on the structure of bone and muscle.

Guest artists on SATURDAY 6th NOVEMBER will feature Debbie Peach demonstrating how to create ‘Stained Glass’ works and Jacky Fellows will give us a ‘Coffee lift etching’ demonstration.