We have been so lucky to be able to offer a life drawing focus to our members as part of our Programme. We are even more fortunate that the very talented Tina Willis Jones agreed to lead the demonstrations which have been both interesting and informative.

I felt that this December demonstration brought together lots of the information we have collated over the past few months.  This demonstration covered the subject of the whole form, including portraiture.  From my own perspective I have learnt many things from Tina over the term. In particular these include details relating to the following:

  • Choice of paper can be so important. Do you prefer rough or smooth paper? A well-chosen tone, today a light grey, can add a significant tonal value to your work immediately.  A mid tone can help tremendously when used as a base to find the darks and lights.
  • Carbon is fabulous. Holding the pencil or stick at the bottom end provides you with a light and free flowing aspect to your mark making.
  • The pencil can double up as an excellent angle ‘checker’. Tina spends a lot of time checking the angles where the joints join the muscles and confirming how the torso connects with the shoulders and neck, the knees with the thighs etc. This is constantly corrected.
  • Reading and research is always part of the process. Tina finds inspiration and guidance in the art of Jenny Saville, Hans Holbein, John Singer-Sargent, Anita Taylor and Eugene Delacroix to name a few.
  • A well-lit model can create an excellent mood and make all the difference to your composition. Tina has been grateful over the months to our member Chris Manley for the use of his studio and lighting.
  • And finally – it is not only what you put into your work but also what you leave out that draws the viewer in.

From the completed drawing done by Tina you can see that by leaving out the left edges a beautiful fluid shape has been created.

The life classes are going so well that we have members now drawing in ‘live’ sessions with Tina.  If you are a member and would like to take part but can not be with us on the night we are more than happy to supply the image for you to use at your leisure. It would be even better if members would be willing to share their work on our private members Facebook page. Our member Hannah Boyd shared a super drawing on the site since the demonstration.

Thank you once again Tina for all your kind encouragement and support and look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.