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Sue Angus

I was born and raised in Wolverhampton, trained as a teacher in Birmingham in the 1960s and have taught an age range of three to eighty-three! 

Art in school was my passion and I was fortunate to be taught by two exceptional teachers who helped hone my skills and they gave me the confidence to attempt all kinds of arts and crafts.

Drawing is probably still my favourite method of expression as I am fascinated by line and form. I like to explore all aspects of art, and colour is a joy. Exhibitions are exciting and I value seeing old Masters and local enthusiasts.

I joined the WSA twelve years ago and was thrilled to have two paintings accepted for show, just forty years after visiting the City Gallery and promising myself that I would exhibit there one day. I doubt I shall ever top that feeling again. The Society’s contribution to this City over the past one hundred years has been exemplary.

Architecture of all sorts excites me and I have been fortunate enough to visit cities all around the world, capturing their fascinating structures on my camera. My winning entry photograph of St Peter’s Church, Wolverhampton was displayed on fifteen advertising hoardings around the city in 2009.  That was such a thrill.

In teaching I have always tried to urge my students to look at the world differently – to appreciate the beauty of a rusty lock as well as a stunning sunset. It makes my soul zing when I can achieve that.

The ability to interpret and appreciate the world through Art has been a gift to treasure throughout my life.