Pauline Faulkner – Robin Hood’s Bay

Pauline Faulkner

I was born in Wolverhampton and grew up with a love of painting, drawing, natural history and science. I attended The Municipal Grammar School and went on to pursue a career in Microbiology. Also, I have been an IT tutor and have worked for The National Trust. Presently, I sell my work at fairs.

My love for art led me to study Silver Jewellery design, an Art Foundation course and Glass design at The International Glass Centre. To further develop my ideas, I joined an art group and in 2009 was accepted as a member of the Wolverhampton Society of Artists.

I am an emotional painter and love to capture the visual drama of landscape and coast. I use thick and diluted acrylic paint, sometimes over gesso and tissue, to give my work depth and texture. Torn layers of old texts or thick coloured paper can be added and scraped back or reworked as the image develops. I like the exciting possibilities of mixed media and experiment with combinations of watercolour, acrylics, oils, encaustic and oil pastel.

I favour a restricted palette including burnt sienna and yellow ochre as these colours complement both coast and landscape. Additional colours are added to develop the mood of the painting whether it is coastal, countryside or industrial. The result is an expressive work capturing the movement and spirit of my original sketches.

In contrast, I enjoy detailed work and I am inspired to paint the intricate forms of flowers and animals.

My emotional response, however, is the same for expressive or defined paintings and is the foundation used to create my work.

My artistic style continues to evolve and I am excited to see where the future will take me.

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