John Maule-ffinch – Low Town, Bridgnorth

John Maule-ffinch

I took up watercolour painting in 2013 in a traditional style and the usual landscape and predominantly cityscapes subjects. However, as time progressed I became aware of the many alternative approaches and techniques that were being used by contemporary water media painters and in 2020 began actively pursuing a change in my methods and subjects.

I am particularly interested in the ordinary, mundane images of everyday life, capturing them in a chiaroscuro influenced manner with an abundance of lifting-out and then laying glazes of different colours on top.

Additionally, mixed media has recently caught my attention, finding it exciting and fun to take traditional subjects and manipulate watercolour, oil pastel and acrylic paint and ink with pallet knives, droppers and various scrapers. Nevertheless, I will occasionally indulge himself with a traditional watercolour.

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