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Jo Eaton

I have a profound curiosity about the functioning of our universe and as an artist, I am on a never-ending quest to find a language to interpret my experience of our world.

For years I have been captivated by the sounds, rhythm of seasons and vibrations that celebrate Nature. It has been through working in the landscape that my perceptions developed and I realised that all of nature has the same life source energy, the flora, fauna and elements too, vibrating in harmony as part of the cycle of life.

I feel in nature there are no edges and no solidity. Every small particle is a cluster of energy vibrating in an immense void. It appears there are infinite fields of energy, vibrating at different frequencies, ever flowing, ever changing, renewing and in a state of transformation. Each of us is connected by this energy source including our environment. Every form is essentially energy, vibrating and in transition.

Through research, constant experimentation, exploration of new processes and media, I  continue to  produce visual images, incorporating a message into each piece of work, in a coherent way, to convey the powerful vibrating energy in nature.  It is important to me to communicate this information in an endeavour to promote an understanding of our universe and to help preserve the very nature that sustains our planet.

I have focused on the forest as my primary source material for my work, looking at the flora, fauna, scientific data, Eastern and Western philosophies, regarding energy in nature.

Through a journey of exploration, I have incorporated paintings, experimental printmaking, script, glass, film and sound, in an endeavour to analyse the energy found in all aspects of nature.

Contemporary science is confirming that the material appearance of nature is an illusion and I believe that art is not only of aesthetic value but also comments on the realities that surround us.

I am now embarking on a new body of work in a constant pursuit to realise my aim, to communicate the wonders of our universe.