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Jayne Phidd

Jayne’s artwork blends the tactile charm of traditional mediums like pencil and watercolour with the versatility of digital tools and various other materials. Each art piece is a harmonious fusion of handcrafted details and digital enhancements, creating a unique visual experience. The traditional elements lend a timeless quality to her artwork, while the digital touches add depth and vibrancy, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Through this combination, Jayne, brings a contemporary twist to classic art forms, inviting viewers into a world where tradition meets innovation. 

While portraits are her passion, Jayne is versatile and open to exploring various subjects, showcasing a diverse range of themes and styles in her portfolio. This flexibility allows her to continually evolve as an artist, always eager to challenge herself and delight her audience with new creations.   

This art piece is named “The Stage” and is a self-portrait that delves into the introspective realm of self-exploration and identity; suggesting a theme of performance or presentation, hinting at the roles we play in our lives and the masks we sometimes wear. Capturing a moment of vulnerability, strength and the complexities of human emotions and experiences.