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Glynn Bonnington

I have been a member of Wolverhampton Society of Artists for many years in various roles including Secretary and Chairman for 4 years.

A particular interest of mine is in life drawing and painting and I ran the Society’s Life Sketch Night and Gallery Demonstration Days for several years and continue to run a separate Life Group.

I enjoy a wide range of subjects and media and am inspired by the Impressionists, Fauvists, Scottish Colourists and some contemporary artists. I prefer expressive rather than detailed work and endeavour to capture the atmosphere and feel of subjects. The area between realism and abstraction interests me and reflections and ripples have been a recurring theme, as has the use of heightened colour. Capturing the beauty in simplicity is an area I find intriguing if somewhat elusive.

My work has been exhibited in WSA exhibitions, RBSA Opens and Mid Art Opens and various, mainly local venues.

Tel: 01902 335706