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Caroline Fereday


Since entering semi-retirement, I am blessed to be able to spend time making art again after a long break raising children, working etc.  I am very much enjoying the opportunities within the Society to learn from other artists, develop further in my own work and the chance to exhibit.  I have been lucky enough to receive teaching from some talented art teachers and professional artists but I think we learn most when we teach ourselves.

I work part time as a Yoga teacher, which has been my main job for approximately 20 years.  As an artist, I try to convey the sense of being immersed in the Peace and Connectedness that regular Yoga practice and meditation may enable us to occupy.  I am especially drawn towards trees, nature in general and portraits as subject matter.  I aim to be guided continually as I work in a process of discovery, allowing space for the result to surprise me as I immerse myself in it.  I hear from others that my art has a dream-like ethereal quality.  I am interested to see how this develops over time now that I am giving more of my time and energy to the process.