Xiaomei Griffiths

Xiaomei Griffiths

Xiaomei Griffiths comes from an artistic background and studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at University in China, then achieved an MA in Visual Communication at UCE in Birmingham.

Xiaomei works in the traditional classical art style yet is constantly searching for new techniques that add power to composition and colour. Her paintings are the product of careful study and deliberate endeavour; her sketches showcase immediacy and creative application of draughtsmanship. “Practice” is Xiaomei’s mantra, and she paints or draws every day, her sketchbook being her constant travel companion; her subject range includes still life, street view, landscape, portrait and human body; her media includes charcoal, pastel, pencil, watercolour, acrylic and oil.

Xiaomei joined Wolverhampton Society of Artists in 2016.

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