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Tina Willis-Jones

Drawing and painting have always been my anchor. As a child I would draw on any surface with anything that would make a mark. I love the fluidity and immediacy of drawing, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the noise they make as they glide over the surface of the paper. I love the endless chromatic possibilities of freshly squeezed paint.

The creative process flows uninterrupted as I respond visually and viscerally to the subject. The most enjoyable pieces of work are when the energies of the artist and subject meet midway and something inexplicably magical happens.

Most of my work is portrait or figurative and I feel privileged to explore the endless similarities and differences in people.

After graduating I worked as an illustrator for many years. I have taught in schools, colleges and universities in England and have exhibited in this country, Italy, South Korea and China. I currently teach and accept commissions.