David Poxon R.I., N.W.S

David Poxon was born in the Industrial heartland of England, but now makes his home in the rural countryside of Shropshire. U.K. He is an elected member of the prestigious R.I. (The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours) and has served on the R.I. Council. He is also a signature member of N.W.S (The National watercolour society of America) In 2015 David served on the jury of selection for the N.W.S. in Los Angeles.

Over the years he has won many awards and accolades for the precision and craftsmanship of his paintings. He is the author of two books on drawing techniques, and has contributed many articles to the Art Magazine press and has appeared in numerous art books world wide.

In 2018 his new 188 page book Watercolour Heart & Soul is published  (ISBN 978-1-9098 13-38-0)

Painting in pure watercolour medium he uses a painstaking multi glazing technique, with sometimes up to 20 layers of transparent paint, each in turn delicately modulating the colours beneath. There is no white paint used at all in any of his works preferring instead to preserve areas of the natural paper, his paintings can take many weeks in the making.

A recurring theme in his work is the reclamation by nature of that which man has created and abandoned, finding renewed life between object and environment. In 2018 David organised and curated the first Inetrnational Watercolour Masters Exhibition in the UK. In 2020 he will present a much expanded IWM featuring 40 of the world’s elite watercolour painters at Lilleshall Hall Shropshire May 5 to May 15. Show tickets available at WWW.SAA.CO.UK/MASTERS

Elected to membership of the RI in 2010

AWARDS (recent partial listing)
  • London R.I. Royal Institute London, Critics Award
  • Pakistan Lifetime Achievement Award
  • San Diego USA AWS Global Award 2016
  • Paris Salon International  Alizarine Medale d’ honour
  • New Orleans USA International First Prize
  • London R.I. Winsor & Newton prize at the annual Royal Institute exhibition  Los Angeles  National Watercolour Society of America Presidents Prize.
  • Shanghai Bienniale prize of excellence
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery Curators Award
  • David exhibits in fine art galleries in the UK, Europe, China , Asia, USA. South America.
EXHIBITIONS (partial listing)
  • New York, OK Harris Works of Art, Art of the Real Exhibition
  • Los Angeles ,The National Watercolour Society Gallery, San Pedro.
  • London Chelsea Signet Gallery
  • Pakistan Biennalle
  • Hong Kong Invited International Masters
  • Shanghai Quanhua Watermedia Gallery
  • Shanghai Biennial, Invited International artist
  • Nanjing ; Invited Artist; 3rd International Exhibition of Contemporary Watermedia Masters
  • Shenzhen Bienniel Exhibition
  • Tianjin ,Watermedia Masters China Tour 2012/2013
  • Belgium Biennial, Invited International Artist
  • London, National Theatre
  • London; Mall Gallery, Royal Institute  annual exhibitions for members.
  • Edinburgh, Open Eye Gallery
  • Texas, Invited artist Artists Changing Tomorrow exhibition
  • Texas, Roundtop, the Gallery at Roundtop, Art of the Real
  • Greece, Thessalonica, Myro Gallery, Invited International artist
  • London Mall Gallery, High Watermark exhibition, joint exhibition of members of the R.I. and the R.W.S
  • London Mall Gallery ;Threadneedle prize exhibition finalist.
  • London Bankside Gallery, Royal Watercolour Society open.
  • Wolverhampton City Art Gallery.
  • Birmingham U.K. City Museum and Art Gallery
  • Conwy, Royal Cambrian Academy
  • Nuneaton, City Art Gallery.
  • Reims France Conservatoir
  • Uckange International Guest of Honour
  • Paris Biennalle W/C Masters
  • San Diego W/C International
  • Singapore W/C Masters International
  • Bankok . Invited international artist
  • Qingdao China Invited International w/c master
  • Alencon France
  • Vietnam world Master watercolour expo
  • Korea the Watercolour Triennalle
  • Russia St Petersburg Masters of Watercolour
  • Italy Aosta Valley 6 World Masters exposition
  • France Mirepoix City Hall
  • New Orleans Lousianna w/c expo

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